Using Suits + Tables

Our Mission

S+T is a free tool to send anonymous RFPs (requests for proposal) to restaurants + venues for group and private dining, be-it a party of 6 looking for a private room to a 300 person holiday party.

To save time, we connect you DIRECLY with your host(s). Headcount changed? Proposals require clarity or update? Choosing between menus? Our Direct communication tools ensure you and your venue host are always on the same page.

Ready to Book? Great, simply click to Book and rely on S+T to notify your selected host while tastefully declining other proposals.

Our Process: Search + Plan + Book

1) Search Venues + Add to Your Cart

Whether you’re looking for a specific restaurant name, address, or venue style, with Suits + Tables you can utilize a variety of filters built to help find the right host. You can also add up to eight venues to your shopping cart before sending an ANONYMOUS RFP (request for proposal).

2) Send RFPs + Receive Proposals

Sending an RFP simply means you’re requesting availability; it’s NOT a binding contract. Once you’ve sent your request, our partners have 48hrs to respond. However, you likely will begin receiving responses within minutes.

3) Manage Proposals + Click to BOOK

Since events are fluid, we made sure to keep our proposals LIVE and allow users to amend their events on the go. Each side can also utilize a MESSENGER to negotiate around items like the menu or room placement. Then, when you’re ready, you can BOOK the space, triggering a release of your contact information for the venue to collect final booking requirements.

4) Earn Rewards

Suits + Tables wants to reward you for your loyalty. When you BOOK on our site you’ll earn points towards our redemption reward. You can also earn loyalty points by referring friends + colleagues. All our points can be redeemed for AMEX E-Gift Cards.

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