Mission Statement

Suits + Tables aims to streamline the process of booking a private space by putting professionals directly in touch with one another. We continue to work with both sides of our platform to integrate new tools that will enhance relationships between planner and host - leading to better outcomes for all parties (pun intended). Suits + Tables will also be working with our parent company 211 Hospitality Inc. to provide meaningful insights to our restaurant partners and shape relationships. By highlighting areas for operational improvement, we aim to provide longevity to our partners so they can thrive in a tech-enabled environment. Over time, we hope to impact the food supply chain and reduce food waste in America.

Our Story

Suits + Tables was developed during a graduate class at Northwestern. While booking a private event, our founder experienced many of the frustrations event planners face in an overall inefficient process. Feedback from several focus groups with executive assistants and event planners confirmed the need for tech solution. Ultimately, the desire to reach restaurants faster while protecting personal relationships resulted in the launch of Suits + Tables.

As we carry forward, we are committed to upholding two core beliefs: (1) Tech is only a tool- enhanced hospitality comes from the connection built between our users. (2) Our users are our inspiration and will continue to influence our product growth and direction.

Meet The Team

Bobby Corsentino

Founder and CEO

Kathy Pirogova

Director of Venue Relations

Christopher Jakob

Lead Software Engineer

Jen Stanton

Director of Marketing

Lena Jung

Marketing Intern